Patient Reviews and Evaluations

Dr Tamerin is one of the most talented and caring psychiatrists/ psychologists that I have ever worked with. His dedication to his patients are unmatched and has the right balance of knowing how to challenge you if you need it and also knowing when to embrace you with comfort and support.

Seven years ago after my husband died I had the privilege of meeting Dr. John Tamerin at a support group at Christ Church, Greenwich. It was a true gift.

I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Tamerin a little over 10 years ago. I was in a very stressful period of my career, and it was affecting me deeply at an individual level and in my relationship with my wife.

Dear Potential Patients, Dr. Tamerin is an extraordinary psychiatrist whose unconventional approach to therapy has helped me immensely. I had met Dr. Tamerin through his Friday group, which he does at no cost, and immediately found him to be inestimably caring and loving.

Dr. John Tamerin is a gifted and compassionate clinician and an extraordinarily generous being. I met him eleven years ago after two lengthy hospitalizations for severe depression when my doctors urged me to join his free DBSA support group.

Dr T was invaluable in my recovery. He provided a loving, non judgemental space where I was validated, but more importantly I learned from him refreshing new perspectives and approaches for my journey to mental wellness.

Regardless of what you are going through the word that dominates all my experience with Dr. T as my wife and I call him is help.

As a man twice divorced Dr T helped me understand my issues and needs. We are the goldfish in the bowl and do not see ourselves. The foundation of Dr T’s help is wisdom and experience. He has seen the movie if you will.

Where do I begin… I’ve known Dr. T for probably 15 years. I first went to him when I was going through a custody battle with my ex-husband who is an extreme narcissist, with Dr. T’s help he taught my then 15-year-old daughter how to deal with such a self-centered person that is her father.

I am a 69 year old woman, retired now but I previously worked as an MSW and then as an MBA. I have been in individual therapy with a number of excellent psychiatrists/therapists since my early 20's, so I feel I am very qualified to comment on Dr. Tamerin's skills as a clinician, and also on Dr. Tamerin as a person.

Several months after my wife died I found that I was in a rather low place. I heard about Dr. Tamerin's group and felt that Dr. Tamerin and his group would give me the support necessary to face this difficult time. I was not disappointed.

Dr Tamerin has been someone who has saved me from myself, in so many ways, and allowed me to learn to deal with my condition (bipolar disorder), to seek the root causes around my thinking, deal with past traumas and helping resolve them one by one.

Dr. T lead 2 peer-support groups I attended that were important to my mental and emotional stability at a time of great stress. His expertise in bi-polar disease and his gentle moderation of the group were immensely positive for me.

Several years ago my daughter was in the depths of addiction, depression and overwhelming anxiety. A friend of our family suggested we attend a Friday afternoon group session with Dr. Tamerin. We attended the session and a sense of relief and optimism soon arrived!

I saw more results with Doctor T in the first few sessions than in the previous thirty years of therapy. If you have been in therapy for some time and are not seeing results, call him. He's the best!

Dr. John Tamerin has been instrumental in bringing my brother back to live a fully transformed life. Dr. T is committed, competent and compassionate. I found Dr. Tamerin with the hope that he could help my brother who suffered with deep depression and had been hospitalized numerous times.

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